Servicing of computer technology

We repair devices of all brands!

As part of the service we offer you a pick-up of the device, its subsequent repair and delivery back to your address.

We provide:

  • LCD repairs
  • Repairs of laptops and tablets of all brands
  • Repairs of desktop PCs and printers of all brands
  • Projector repairs
  • Phone service
  • UPS back-up repairs
  • Repairs of special devices
  • Technology upgrades
  • Construction of new PCs
  • Prophylaxis of devices (e.g. cleaning of ventilation ducts)
  • Data backup
  • Installation of operating systems

We  provide professional services in the field and guarantee high quality of the repairs.

The statutory repair warranty is 3 months but our service provides a 6-12 month warranty.

If your device breaks again after the warranty period has expired, you can bring it back and our technicians will check if there is a fault in the same part and will suggest a solution.

During the repair period, we can agree to rent a replacement device.

We repair most electronic devices purchased in the Czech Republic and abroad.


We service amongst others the following brands:

Acer, ASUS, BenQ, AOC, Viewsonic, Fujitsu, Gigabyt, Hyundai, Apple, Siemens, Huawei, Jablotron, Jabra, KOSS, LG, Motorola, Panasonic, Plantronics, SONY, Samsung, Siemens, 3M, Bosch, Bose, Datalogic, Fitbit, NEC, Philips, QNAP, Samsung, SONY, Synology, Wacom, Zebra, CTX, eMachines, Packard Bell, HP, Fujitsu-Siemens, DELL, IBM, Lenovo, TOSHIBA, Compaq, Xerox, Prestigio, IIYAMA, Epson, Hitachi, Sanyo, ASK,Lamax, NiceBoya další…